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Do I Need to Renew My 501c3 Each Year


The simple answer of whether you need to renew your 501c3 status is no.  Once you have 501c3 status as recognized by the IRS, you do not need to renew it.  You do however need to file annual reports with the IRS each year to maintain your 501c3 status.

Failure to file with the IRS for 3 consecutive years will result in an irrevocable loss of your 501c3 status and an inability to re-apply for 501c3 status through AYF.

* Some cities and states require that you have a status letter from American Youth Football that is no older than 1 year, in order for them to accept it for local purposes, which may include access to fields or other city, state or county, property.

**some states require that you have a recent, less than 12 month old status letter from AYF to apply for a state certificate of exemption, which enables you to not pay sales tax on purchases made within the state where the vendor is located. 

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